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Self-Checkout Markets

A Convenient Store Front Checkout

Markets provide a modern take on classic vending solutions delivering everyone’s favorite snacks, beverages, and food with a fresh design in your break area. Our markets are a zero-cost solution for any site wanting to provide their associates with convenience any time of day. Using Enterprise Refreshment Solutions for your market guarantees flexible restock times, product sales analysis, and dedicated professionals ensuring the market is kept clean and well-maintained.


Markets also provide the largest variety of snack, beverages, and food options for your associates with a simple checkout process: shop, scan, pay, enjoy. Our technologies further enhance the market with a smartphone app, account management, and multiple payment options including cash, credit and debit card, Apple, & Samsung Pay.

Self-Checkout Market Benefits

Simple Installation

All of our markets are free standing and customized to your dedicated location only needing dedicated electric. Simply put, quick and easy installation at no cost to you.

Payment Options

With the additional option to create a MMR market account, payment methods at the kiosk include credit and debit cards, tap-n-go mobile payments and market account cash credits.

Market Promotions

By registering a market account, customers will take advantage of product promotions which save on everyday purchases and have complete control on spending.

Rotating Selections

With the a larger merchandising space, associates will enjoy more seasonal product rotations as well as increased volume on the more popular brands and selections.

Delivering Favorite Brands

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